”Photography is my bridge between facts and emotions, a link between mind and spirit. You are how you feel (…) that is my

I took my first steps in photography in Jelenia Góra, and that is the place my artistic pseudonym refers to. Today, my photography is universal in nature, though it is clearly dominated by man and landscapes in a broad sense. My open mind enables me to freely combine many varieties of this art form, for example by creating narrative portraits or figures that smoothly blend into landscape or architecture. With my photographs I tell stories, describes emotions, and sometimes it is merely the form that concerns me. Particularly noteworthy is the flagship project, I have been working on recently, called  Desolate Beauty.

I take both digital and analogue photographs, and therefore, sometimes I do combine a modern camera with old lenses (i.e., a favourite replica of a 19th century Petzval with a focal length of 55 mm). I love natural light, however, I don’t shun work in a studio, and sometimes – typical of me – I combine many different kinds of light. Therefore, it is worth following my dynamically expanding Portfolio.

My work has received awards, been published and exhibited in Poland and abroad. It can be found in both, public and private collections. Morevoever, I do cooperate with international model agencies in fashion photography. My photos appear in galleries at home and abroad, as well as turn up at numerous auctions, they are officially noted on the Polish and European market (Art InfoArtPrice).

John Lennon reportedly said, ”You have to convince yourself that you have talent and then believe in it”. I say, however: ”When taking photographs, I put on pink ‘Lennon glasses’ and a sequin hat. And I say to myself that what I’m doing might appeal to others, and perhaps even make them pause for a moment. And if I’m wrong, I do it anyway”. “The sky’s the limit – and even higher” this is how one can also describe my modus operandi.

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